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GPGP GREENPEOPLE Mullein Drops for Lungs, Organic Mullein Leaf Extract Drops For Lung Cleanse & Detox

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  • 🏵️NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Nature has given us a huge number of plants that have wonderful properties, Mullein is one of them. At GPGP GREENPEOPLE, We blend Mullein Leaf with Calendula, Thyme, Astragalus, Oregano, Black Elderberry, and other natural ingredients to create this unique all-natural herbal supplement. We ensure that every drop of mullein contains amazing botanical extracts and essence, with no added chemical ingredients, so you can use it confidently and enjoy nature's gift.
  • 🏵️WIDE RANGE OF EFFECTS: Mullein is high in saponins flavonoids, phenylethanoids, and iridoids which give the product its health benefits and ability to lung cleanse, Mullein is also known for its immune-boosting properties. The mullein drops are formulated to provide comprehensive support to your immune system, They also help aid in better digestion and improve overall well-being.
  • 🏵️NATURAL DETOX & CLEANSE: Natural mullein leaf extract has been known for centuries for its powerful benefits in the respiratory tract and overall lung health. Using mullein drops helps lung cleanse and support your body's natural defense, our highly concentrated herb mullein leaf supplement contains 13 natural ingredients to help you relieve respiratory symptoms and improve lung health.
  • 🏵️EMBRACE THE FRESH AIR: Pure mullein leaf extract has antioxidant effects that help promote respiratory health, promote clearer airways and reduce mucus production, and experience the freedom of easier, unhindered breathing. In addition, mullein drops also help relieve throat irritation and improve airway clearance.
  • 🏵️EASY DAILY INTAKE: Taking Mullein in a liquid form is 3 times more effective than taking capsules or powder. It quickly works to improve your digestive system, immunity, and overall well-being. As well as long-lasting lung health, throat, and bronchial cleansing.
  • 🏵️HIGHEST QUALITY: Expertly formulated to suit your health needs without compromising quality. This product is vegetarian, alcohol-free, non-GMO, and sugar-free. For better results, please shake well before use, take up 2ml into the mouth, or mix it with water and juice.


What is Mullein Leaf?

Native to Europe and other temperate regions, Mullein ( Verbascum thapus ) is a traditional herb used in wellness practices for ages. The leaves of this unique plant contain naturally occurring plant compounds and antioxidants that provide a wide range of benefits.

What is the Function of Mullein?

  • Lung Cleanse & Detox
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Immune System
  • Overall Well-being
  • Breathing Health
  • Relieve Throat Discomfort

How to Add Mullein Leaf to your Routine?

There are many ways to add this traditional herb to your daily routine including tea, capsules, pills, tablets, powder, drops, and liquid tinctures. Tinctures provide exceptional purity and potency and are easy to take daily, In addition, maximize absorption with liquid, surpassing capsules or pills, with 98% of absorption in 2-4 minutes.

GPGP GREENPEOPLE 420,000 per Bottle Liquid Drops Mullein for High Absorption & High Bioavailability

Our vegan mullein leaf extract in fruit-flavored liquid forms offers an enjoyable and palatable alternative to the difficult-to-swallow traditional large mullein tablets or mullein capsules can post huge challenges for many individuals, furthermore, organic mullein leaf tincture enjoys 3x stronger absorption and bioavailability than others form.


Your wellness is always our priority, This non-GMO supplement is following the strictest safety and quality standards. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this dietary supplement does not contain any soy, sodium, sugar, preservatives, coloring, or artificial flavors.

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