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Magnesium Taurine Gummies For Kids & Adults

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Product introduction:

Brand Name:GPGP Greenpeople ​

Product Name: Magnesium taurine GUMMIES

​Specifications: 60pcs ​ ​

Main functions: ​ Helping with reproductive system &brain development,Delaying aging, Enhancing memory ability. ​Support for heart and muscle health, neurological care, stress relief, and emotional relief ​ ​


-Regarding Magnesium(Magnesium taurine ) : ​ ​Magnesium taurine is a highly efficient form of biologically available magnesium that chelates with amino acid taurine. Regular administration of magnesium taurine can provide targeted support for myocardial and neurological health And healthy muscle function! ​ ​

1. Help reverse magnesium deficiency ​Considering that Magnesium taurine is a highly efficient form of biologically available magnesium this one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium, this is a wise way to reverse this mineral deficiency. The treatment of magnesium deficiency is crucial because this mineral is related to other essential nutrients in the body, including calcium, vitamin K and vitamin D. ​Lack of magnesium, calcium, vitamin K and vitamin D in combination will increase your risk of bone loss, heart problems, decreased immune function and other health problems. Research has shown that low magnesium content may lead to neurological problems such as migraines, chronic pain, epilepsy, and may also lead to Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and stroke.

​2. Can improve sleep quality ​Magnesium seems to play a crucial role in regulating sleep. How does Magnesium taurine help you fall asleep? Research has found that magnesium supplements can help promote muscle relaxation, reduce leg cramps and muscle spasms, reduce tension and anxiety, and combat pain - all of which can keep you up all night. ​Because it helps improve your sleep quality and amount, Magnesium taurine may also help reduce daytime fatigue, enhance attention, learning ability, and even information retention/memory. ​

3. May help reduce anxiety and depression ​Magnesium and taurine both have sedative effects, which means their effects may be more powerful. This is one of the reasons why magnesium glycine is recommended for people who feel nervous or have difficulty sleeping. There is evidence to suggest that supplementing magnesium can help alleviate many symptoms related to stress and anxiety, such as increased pain, restlessness, depression, craving, and so on. ​

4. May help treat headaches/migraines ​Due to various reasons, people suspect that magnesium deficiency plays a role in the pathogenesis of migraine. Lack can increase muscle tone, enhance feelings of anxiety or depression, alter the release of neurotransmitters, interfere with blood pressure, and alter platelet aggregation. ​Magnesium supplements have been proven to aid in the treatment of acute and preventive headaches.

​5. Beneficial for blood pressure (hypertension) ​Magnesium and calcium together support appropriate blood pressure levels and prevent hypertension. Magnesium deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. Magnesium also has anti-inflammatory effects, helping to maintain arterial patency. ​

​-Regarding taurine: ​

1. Taurine helps to generate and regulate nerve impulses and help maintain fluid balance; It is also used by the body in the visual pathway as well as in the brain and nervous system, where it is used as a neurotransmitter together with glycine and GABA.

​2. Healthy nervous system and healthy visual function: taurine helps to generate and regulate nerve impulses, and helps to maintain fluid balance; It is also used by the body in the visual pathway, as well as in the brain and nervous system γ- Aminobutyric acid is used together as a neurotransmitter.

​3. Improve memory function: In the experimental study on the relationship between taurine and brain development, taurine can promote human learning and memory ability. Taurine supplementation can not only improve the speed of learning and memory, but also improve the accuracy of learning and memory, and has a certain effect on the anti-aging of the nervous system. ​

4. Prevention of cardiovascular disease: taurine in the circulatory system can inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce blood lipids, maintain normal blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis, protect myocardial cells, fight arrhythmia, reduce cholesterol content in blood, and treat cardiac failure. ​

5. Helping the growth and development of the brain and reproductive system: Taurine, as an essential substance in brain and reproductive system development, cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be obtained from food. This product can help you better obtain this nutrient and assist in the development of the brain and reproductive system. Additionally, Taurine can also reduce platelet aggregation, enhance sperm motility, and improve male fertility!

Customer Reviews

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Terry S.
Wrong product for me

Did not help me at all

way too long to receive

I like the product. But the delivery took 2 weeks Longer to receive.

Sharon A.
Good stuff

Now I can get the benefits of these supplements.

Good amount of elemental magnesium

The Taurine helps with Gaba and Cardio vascular benefits.

Cappy& Rodney
Best form of Magnesium

So glad I bought this. I take one before bed.