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Instant Organic Edible Mushroom Coffee Powder Supplement for Energy, Focus, Immune Support

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Instant Organic Edible Mushroom Coffee Powder Supplement for Energy, Focus, Immune Support

Brand GPGP GreenPeople
Item Form Powder
Manufacturer GPGP GreenPeople
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Package Information Jar

  • Powerful Mushroom Coffee: Contain seven of the most beneficial and effective mushrooms. Lion's mane is known to be very beneficial for brain function and can help with memory and concentration. Reishi mushroom supports the stomach and the liver. Turkey tail and shiitake help alkalize the acidity in coffee and provide energy. Maitake supports gut and Chaga, known as "the King of Mushrooms", is an incredible antioxidant. Cordyceps mushroom boosts physical energy and greater endurance.
  • Ultimate Energy Boost: Our mushroom powder provides all the amazing benefits of mushrooms, including enhanced immunity, cognition, focus, and energy. Bioactive compounds are thoroughly extracted. In particular, we add Rhodiola Rosea, also known as the "Golden Root", to enhance creativity and productivity. Adding L-Theanine to promote relaxation and calm while increasing overall awareness.
  • Instant Coffee Alternative: Compared to traditional coffee which can make you feel nervous and affect your body, our mushroom coffee is definitely a good coffee alternative. We give the Arabica coffee a decaffeinated treatment. In addition, the decaf coffee is added cocoa powder, coconut milk powder, and Ceylon cinnamon for added flavor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Ann Hayden
Best ever

My daughter sent me this coffee. I stomach loves me for it.

Tastes fantastic!

Coffee is so delicious. On my 3rd jar purchased.

Delicious & Convenient

Good flavor, quick & easy, with numerous health benefits.

Stacy School
Not horrible

Accidentally bought decaf, but it was actually not horrible tasting!

Great quality and taste

I love that it is organic and swiss water processed to make it decaf. I love the taste. Took a star off because it is pricey and i dont feel any energy from the mushrooms.