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Magnesium Glycinate Gummies with L-Threonate

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Brand:GPGP Greenpeople

Type:Magnesium Glycinate Gummies

Benefits:Better Sleep, Calm Mood, Relaxation, Brain Support, Cognition & Focus, Leg Cramps

Why is there magnesium deficiency?

1. Stress and anxiety

2. Excessive drinking

3. Daily processed food

4. High-Intensity Exercise

5. Drink too much coffee

6. Magnesium Loss With Age


*Supports Sleep & Brain Health: Magnesium Glycinate supports the brain's synthesis of relaxing GABA and pleasurable Serotonin, which regulate mood, promote deep sleep and help calm restlessness, further enhanced by the synergistic combination of Magnesium Glycinate and Magnesium Threonate Sleep quality, enhance concentration, learning and memory.

*Powerful Functions: Magnesium can promote bone health by regulating calcium and vitamin D levels in the body, reduce muscle spasms and cramps, promote muscle recovery, and maintain muscle energy.Especially magnesium supplements containing potassium can regulate body fluid balance and reduce constipation.In addition, magnesium can also reduce women's discomfort during special periods and help you pass special times calmly.

*Powerful Combination: Our Magnesium Gummies contain Magnesium L-Threonate 100mg, Magnesium Glycinate 400mg, Vitamins D, B6, Calcium, Potassium, and more.Magnesium L-threonate is the only magnesium that goes directly to the brain to support cognition, memory and focus health, with added potassium for cardiovascular health and fluid balance. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium.Meet your daily needs with this Vitamin Complex Magnesium Glycinate Gummies.

*Why Take Magnesium Supplements?Magnesium is involved in every metabolic function in the body, such as ATP metabolism, muscle contraction and release of neurotransmitters. Magnesium glycinate is a magnesium supplement that has always been recommended.It is known for calming and promoting muscle relaxation.Magnesium L-threonate works directly in the brain to improve cognition and focus.It is necessary for us to properly supplement this chelated magnesium that is not irritating to the stomach.

*Sugar-free & Delicious: These calming gummies are sugar-free, gluten-free and Allergen Free.They do not raise blood sugar levels and are based on pectin.Naturally flavored raspberry, easy to chew, let you improve your life while enjoying delicious taste.、


As a dietary Supplement ,take two(2) gummies,twice per day.


Lotus leaf, Winter melon, Cassia seed, Hawthorn, Double red rose, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Lemon Grass, Green tea

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